MineHunt is a classic Minesweeper clone for Palm OS. Developed by 3Com/Palm themselves, this game was provided as freeware. 'MineHunt' was bundled with many Palm OS devices, alongside 'Subhunt', 'Hardball', and 'Puzzle'.

The Palm OS Emulator (POSE) is a Windows desktop application for testing and debugging Palm apps and environments. This page features a pre-packaged build for emulating a Tungsten W. Although it was replaced by the Palm Simulator, the Palm Emulator is a fundamentally different ...

MONSTA is a turn based game which requires logic, judgement and forward planning.

This captivating game offers the challenge of a deadly fight between hero Joe and little monsters which can only end by using the best possible strategy.

Features - 50 levels of ultimate fun - 10 ...

Race against the clock in this classic marble-shooting, time-survival arcade game! Fire matching colors to clear the board and buy precious seconds, but be careful: missing shots will set you back instead!

Yahoo! Groups was an online discussion board system which ran from 2001 to 2020. Among them was the Sony Clie Users Group, which was known as one of the most active Clie communities on the internet in its time.

A portion of the group's discussions were captured and preserved before Yahoo! Groups was shut ...

Kyle's Quest 2 v1.4.6 (c) 2002 Crimson Fire Entertainment www.crimsonfire.com

Welcome to the new Kyle's Quest 2!

Included with this release is a remake of the classic KQ level, "No Bones About It", by Robert Wayne.


Using the "Palm Install Tool", install KQ2.prc, ...

The first and the only 3D flight simulator for PalmOS.


  • Full 3D
  • Realistic physical model
  • Around 10 very different missions (including a randomly generated one)
  • Different weapon (missiles/bombs)
  • External views (behind plane, from ...

DigiFix replaces the built-in touch calibration utility to fix problems with inaccurate input even on malfunctioning displays. It really works!

To install, simply sync the base DigiFix.prc application to your Palm device. Devices running Palm OS older than version 3.5 ...

The Palm OS Developer Suite (or PODS) is a set of tools for building Palm apps with a relevant SDK. PODS uses Eclipse as its base IDE. Eclipse version 3.0.1 and the C Development Toolkit feature (CDT) version 2.0.2 are the required minimum Eclipse base. JRE 1.4 or later is required ...

Generates serial codes for most Astraware games. Codes are based on an internal Astra ID which is in turn based on HotSync ID.