AutoCF allows programs and databases stored on a Compact Flash memory card to be seamlessly accessed by the Palm OS.

This is specific to the TRGpro running Palm OS 3.5. This post includes AutoCF 1.0 and 1.1

Battery Graph will track and display your on-off switches, battery life, battery usage, and charge times.

This program requires OS 3.5 and is not accurate on devices which do not have rechargeable batteries.

Beware, the event database can grow to a large size if not kept in check.

Battery Prefs sets the default battery type of your Palm OS device. It also displays statistics such as voltage level and low battery warning levels. This program shows up in your Palm Preferences application (known as “Prefs”) and not in the application launcher.

This program displays ...

BeamPRO is an advanced file transfer utility supporting both infrared and Bluetooth communications. From a single interface, files can be transferred in batches from internal storage or an SD card, with additional support for beaming individual datebook, address book, and memo entries.

Benchmark is exactly what it says on the tin: a tool for measuring and comparing the performance of Palm OS devices. By combining results from native code and Palm OS API calls, it provides an accurate measurement across both 68K and ARM-based handhelds. Every Palm device is supported!

Can’t remap that home button? Wish you had more than 4 hard keys? ButtonsEx is here to help!

ButtonsEx is a Palm OS 5 app that allows assigning shortcuts to every face button on your Palm–including 5-way navigation! It can also circumvent artificial limitations on some devices, like the TX only offering ...

CJKOS adds support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean text input/display on Palm OS 4 and 5. As CJK support files can be rather large, CJKOS is divided up into databases so that only the necessary languages and characters are installed.

Turn your Palm OS 5+ device into an external SD card reader for your PC! Card Reader mounts external storage over USB, making it possible to read and write files directly to your Palm without HotSync or extra adapters. Also compatible with PowerSDHC for cards over 2GB!

Don't you hate it when you get a "Fatal Error" message on your Palm and the "Reset" button on the screen never seems to work? Crash Pro is the quicker and easier way to deal with crashes on your Palm. Not only does it countdown until next reset (bypassing the need to dig out a reset pin) but it logs every crash, ...

DigiFix replaces the built-in touch calibration utility to fix problems with inaccurate input even on malfunctioning displays. It really works!

To install, simply sync the base DigiFix.prc application to your Palm device. Devices running Palm OS older than version 3.5 ...