A conversion of a goofy little puzzle game for Palm OS. Click on a shape, click on another square, and it will follow a winding path there if it can. Line up 5 or more of the same type of shape to make them disappear!

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author.

Tap the targets to rack up points and race against the clock in this simple, yet classic arcade hunting game from Astraware.

The puzzle game that started it all! Swap gems to make matching shapes and colors and rack up points, but be careful! The game ends when no more matches are left!

Fly in 1v1 dogfights against AI or other humans in this classic game from Astraware! Includes both IR and Bluetooth-compatible versions of the game.


A utilitarian little program to find the beats-per-minute of a song, your pulse, or whatever. Just start tapping and the program will quickly zoom into the average.

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author!

Benchmark is exactly what it says on the tin: a tool for measuring and comparing the performance of Palm OS devices. By combining results from native code and Palm OS API calls, it provides an accurate measurement across both 68K and ARM-based handhelds. Every Palm device is supported!

Bucky in His First Adventure is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player must explore the world and uncover items to reach new areas and defeat a horde of trolls.

Bucky was created by a one-man development team under the name MissileMax Handheld Software. It was released in beta in 2003 and received ...

CCrypt is a simple encryption program for a Palm OS device. It can accept text content and a password and encrypt/decrypt the contents, which can then be copied to any other application for safekeeping.

No HotSync? No problem! ChangeName allows setting a custom HotSync and User ID directly on your Palm OS device. It can also be used to set fake ROM IDs and OS versions to circumvent app compatibility checks in some scenarios.

A Windows command-line application also exists to change the name of an existing ...

DA Launcher launches Desk Accessories (DA), a special type of software for Palm OS. Nearly all versions of Palm OS are supported! Use version 4.x for OS 3.5 or lower, or version 5.x for all newer Palm OS.

Desk Accessories can be summoned over the top of another app to offer a sort of multi-tasking on Palm. ...