Ackeron Dark Sun

Ackeron Dark Sun is a top down greyscale rpg from Gasgorf games. Their other game, Dark Haven the Arena, is already posted here in the Adventure section.

Their website is gone but available on wayback - even the forums seem to be there. Last updated in 2004

Comes with a normal and patched(no registration needed) version of the main file, manual, and readme.

Note - Both the patch and normal file cause my Zodiac to error out, so I can't confirm this is a working game.

From their website - A vast new role-playing game from the makers of Dark Haven: The Arena. The Earth's sun is dying, crumbling beneath its own great mass. Launched into space from Earth to find new technologies from distant stars, you are humanity's last hope of salvation. Built upon a powerful game engine, Ackeron takes place in a solar system many light years from Earth. A fantastic world marked by an intriguing mix of psionic magic and futuristic technology, the world of Ackeron is epic in scale, and will offer the most dedicated players many weeks of game play.


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