Aldon's Crossing

Aldon's Crossing is a topdown RPG from Constant Games released in 2002. Their Website is still online. The downloads don't seem to work, but do on wayback.

Comes with the main game, an Arena mod, manual, readme, and walkthru.

There's still a few sites online with reviews of this game.

This version is in color, but there's a separate greyscale version available as well.

Tested and working on my Zodiac. Registration is found under the "about" tab

From their website -

travel through more than 150 different maps.
meet and talk with hundreds of non-player characters (NPC's).
engage in combat with more than 60 different foes in real time.
customize your character's gender, portrait, and 6 vital statistics.
choose from 3 different races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
choose from 4 different classes: Fighter, Thief, Priest, and Mage.
change your class in the middle of the game: from Mage to Thief, and back again.
cast more than 50 spells, such as Heal, Summon Monster, and Fireball.
wield deadly weapons(both melee and ranged), and wear powerful armor.
find amazing potions, and magical items.
hire henchmen, or find loyal pets to aid you in your quest.
customize a unique and easy to use interface.


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