Palm Simulator

The Palm OS Simulator is a Windows desktop application for testing and debugging Palm apps and environments. This page features pre-packaged builds for simulating all ARM versions of Palm OS, including the unreleased Palm OS 6.1 “Cobalt” (which was ultimately cancelled and replaced by WebOS). Additional builds are provided for specific devices from different vendors.

To test older versions of Palm OS, see the Palm OS Emulator, which the Palm Simulator replaced.

Note that this simulator is for development purposes only and cannot run a large number of apps! To run Palm OS apps on your desktop PC or other device, see Mu Emulator.


5.1 Generic_PalmOS_5.1.zip19M
5.2 Generic_PalmOS_5.2.zip27M
5.3 Generic_PalmOS_5.3SC.zip21M
5.4 Generic_PalmOS_5.4.zip32M
6.0 Generic_PalmOS_6.0.zip25M
6.1 Generic_PalmOS_6.1.zip17M
Clie-5.0 Generic_Sony_Clie_OS_5.0.zip5.3M
Clie-5.2 Generic_Sony_Clie_OS_5.2_(Landscape).zip
iQue Garmin_iQue.zip8.9M
LD Palm_LifeDrive.zip20M
650 Palm_Treo_650.zip13M
680 Palm_Treo_680.zip31M
TC Palm_Tungsten_C.zip7.9M
TT Palm_Tungsten_T.zip4.8M
TX Palm_TX.zip18M
Z71 Palm_Zire_71.zip5.2M
Zodiac Tapwave_Zodiac.zip14M

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