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Mu is a new Palm OS emulator with a focus on perfectly replicating the functionality of the Palm M515 running Palm OS 4.1. On top of greater accuracy than other emulators, Mu also features libretro compliance for maximum portability and sustainability long-term. As an open-source project, it is also one of the only free Palm emulators available.


As Mu is in active development, it is not currently hosted on PalmDB itself. Instead, you may download standalone Mu on GitHub or grab the latest version of RetroArch with Mu support built-in.

Mu requires a Palm OS 4.1/M515 ROM to run, which can be downloaded below. For RetroArch, place ROM files in the ..\RetroArch\system folder (or whatever folder is configured for system/BIOS files in RetroArch settings). Next, download the Mu core from Online Updater > Core Updater in the main menu.

For touch devices, you may also wish to run Online Updater > Update Overlays, then navigate to Onscreen Display > Onscreen Overlay and set Overlay Preset to ..\RetroArch\overlays\gamepads\flat\palm.cfg for Palm-appropriate on-screen controls.

Finally, choose Load Core > Palm OS (Mu) from the main menu. You can now run Start Core to boot into Palm OS or load Palm apps directly via Load Content.


src MuSrcDec252018.zip2.9M
rom mu-rom-m515.zip1.2M
ram RamBuilder.zip12M

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