Bird is an on board resource editor. It has all the features of RsrcEdit, but without the bugs and works better on OS5 devices! One big addition that BIRD has is it will disassemble ARM and 68k ...


EditC is the perfect code editor for PocketC! It contains a built-in PocketC reference, as well as function libraries for PToolBoxLib and CControls.

Developer ...

DeveloperStudio for Palm OS is an integrated development environment (IDE) for professional developers in need for extended productivity and performance-critical applications.

A small tool that lets you create 3D files on a Windows PC and view them on your Palm OS device.

This is freaking fast basic version for palm.

Requires no runtime because it compiles to native 68k code!

IDE is pretty good too.

More convenient IMO than NSBasic.

Comparison with NSBasic 7 on ...

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The MediaQ MQ1132 is a multimedia controller used in certain Palm devices such as the Tungsten W and CLIÉ UX50 (among others). It was used to offload certain 2D graphics processing tasks from the CPU to accelerate performance, and also served as an ...

The best IDE for Palm development. Thoroughly documented, with beginner-level tutorials for those just starting out. Below are VM images, an install .iso, as well as an example project.

Windows integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Palm OS apps. Write and test your BASIC program on the desktop, then download it to your device to run it.

Installer available on GitHub and in the downloads area below.

Big ...