EditC is the perfect code editor for PocketC! It contains a built-in PocketC reference, as well as function libraries for PToolBoxLib and CControls.

Developer Description

EditC is a memo editor designed for PocketC . It is an enhanced version of the original Memo Pad application. EditC Doc has the same edit features as EditC, but for doc files. Registration will cost $5.

The main advantage of EditC is that you can quickly insert PocketC functions by choosing the correct categories. You can choose from PocketC, CControls and PToolboxLib functions. The cursor will automatically be placed between the brackets on functions which require parameters. The popup list of selectable functions will show quick information on the parameters. A function will be shown like this: function(i, s, f, c), where i = int, s = string, p = pointer, f = float and c = char. There is a reference feature for showing more information about a function. Installation of PktCReference.pdb is required for this feature. Language specific keywords like "while" and "if" statements can also be inserted.

EditC and EditC Doc don't have a memo 4k limit, they support a maximum of 32000 characters. However, large memos are splitted after synchronization. A warning will be shown if a memo is larger than 4096 characters.

There is a line number indication in the Edit view (see section 4. User guide), you can also jump to a specific line using the goto line dialog.


Install either EditC.prc or EditCDoc.prc and if you would like the PocketC language reference, install PktCReference.pdb as well.


Patched versions available below.


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1.4 editc1.4.zip136K
1.4 EditC.prc64K
1.4 EditCDoc.prc76K
1.4 PktCReference.pdb136K
1.2 EditC_V1.2.zip136K
1.2 EditC_V1.2.patched.prc60K
1.4 EditC_V1.4.patched.prc64K
1.4 EditCDoc_1.4.patched2.prc76K

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