Nurture and maintain a tank full of fish while fending them off from... aliens?? Insaniquarium is a fishtank simulator like no other, featuring collectibles, upgrades, and yes, alien-blasting lasers. How long will your school survive?

Dejobaann BeBop makes you the homemaker for a household inhabited by BeBops. You make purchases for the household to keep the BeBops healthy and happy.

When you start the game, you have to select the body styles, heads and feet, and the names of your inhabitants.

Purchase items ...

A PalmOS port of Elite by Till Harbaum. Based on Elite: The New Kind.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to be a trader, whether you want to earn money by asteroid mining or to hunt pirates. Or all at once. Enter your Cobra Mk3 docked at the Coriolis Space Station high above the planet Lave. Fire up ...

Port of Elite: The New Kind to Palm OS.

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The first and the only 3D flight simulator for PalmOS.


  • Full 3D
  • Realistic physical model
  • Around 10 very different missions (including a randomly generated one)
  • Different weapon (missiles/bombs)
  • External views (behind plane, from ...

Manage an entire city in the palm of your hand! SimCity Classic brings the wildly popular original game to Palm OS. Create your own custom scenarios with three levels of difficulty and start building!

Fly the Starship Enterprise from the comfort of your handheld. Don’t let the core explode.

The original ReadMe:

Starship OS2.0 or greater is required

You have a tricorder. You have a phaser. Now command your own starship!

After enjoying Jeff Jetton's Tricorder and George Loo's Phaser ...

Void is a remake of the classic Elite sci-fi space exploration simulator. Pilot your own spacecraft and journey across the galaxy to conduct trade and survive combat!