ASAPP - The Fighting Peripherals

- The year is 2015. -

The world of the Internet is on the verge of collapse due to a conspiracy by the giant company Gigasolid. Illegal data is being drained from the network, and an evil virus is ravaging people's minds. The countdown to the end is slowly but surely advancing.

"MERV" was secretly organized to save the Internet world, which is on the verge of collapse due to a conspiracy by the giant corporation "Gigasolid". You must act as an agent of MERV and stop Gigasolid's plot. Follow the assigned missions and ensure the destruction of the attack targets.

As a MERV agent, you will be given the ASAPP, a general-purpose programmable walker, and the AggressivePilot, a military PDA developed to control it. The ASAPP is not controlled by the player in real time, but by a program assembled on the AggressivePilot. The player must load the ASAPP with the program and equipment required for the mission, and destroy the designated targets for destruction. The mission will fail if the player's aircraft is destroyed or becomes inoperable.


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