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PalmDB is proudly hosted by fans for fans. That includes you! If you've got a Palm OS app or desktop utility not currently on the site, register an account and submit it today!

If this is your first time submitting content to PalmDB, please make sure you've read and understand some simple guidelines before continuing:

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions must be Palm OS apps and/or related desktop utilities.
    • PalmDB is not accepting submissions for WebOS or other legacy handhelds at this time.
  • Avoid duplicates. Use the search function before submitting a new app.
    • Existing posts may be edited to add new file versions, registration, and other info.
  • Submission titles and descriptions must be written in English. This keeps the database searchable.
    • Apps of all languages are welcome!
  • Keep it SFW. 18+ submissions will be rejected.
  • Respect the developers! PalmDB exists for preservation, not for piracy. While most former Palm developers have made their software available for free, some have declined permission to share registered copies. Submissions in such cases will be rejected.
    • If a shareware version of the app is available, it may be submitted without registration information.
    • If a developer can no longer be contacted for permission, their software will be considered Abandonware, and the submission will accepted with registration information, cracks, or keygens until such time as the developer requests their software to be removed.
    • In the same vein, for apps such as emulators and ebook readers, do not include commercial ROMs and documents with your submissions.
  • When making a new submission, follow the included post template as closely as possible.
    • Remove any unused sections, and only add new sections when necessary.
    • Can't find a screenshot online? Create one yourself with ScreenShot!
    • See other posts for examples! Consistent formatting keeps PalmDB searchable and provides a good experience for everyone.

PalmDB Account

  • Submitting files requires a PalmDB account. This account is for submitting files only, and will never be required to browse or download content.
  • PalmDB accounts are not for customer support!
    • For community help with Palm OS devices and software, join us on Discord, or contact us for other inquiries!
    • Do not use your account to post support requests, blogs, tutorials, advertisements, or other personal content.
    • PalmDB is hosted by fans for fans and is not affiliated with the former Palm Computing company or its current rights holders in any official capacity.
  • Accounts found to be misusing or abusing posting privileges will be banned.

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