Dragonfire is a top-down fantasy role-playing game by RedShift, designed in the vein of ’90s western RPGs for PC and console. It features a large world, rich combat and inventory systems, and engaging writing for every event.

Kyle's Quest (c) 1998 Kyle Poole (kyle@kpoole.com, http://www.kpoole.com)

!!!! Delete any previous version of Quest when upgrading to v3.1 !!!!

Version 3.1

Finally version 3.1 has been released to support all the advanced
features of the level editor! Since compression has been ...

Kyle's Quest 2 v1.4.6 (c) 2002 Crimson Fire Entertainment www.crimsonfire.com

Welcome to the new Kyle's Quest 2!

Included with this release is a remake of the classic KQ level, "No Bones About It", by Robert Wayne.


Using the "Palm Install Tool", install KQ2.prc, ...