The goal of Aggression is to conquer the World. The World is divided into 42 "territories" and six "continents." In the "pregame", the territories are divided up among the players. Players then distribute or "fortify" their initial men across their territories. Then the real game begins. Each turn begins with a player being awarded new men. The player then distributes or "fortifies" the new men across the territories that he occupies. The player can then attack his enemies. Any territory the player has at least two men on it may attack an enemy territory that is "adjacent" to his, or across a marked water pathway. Every attack causes men to die from the attacker or/and the defending territory. A player can make as many attacks with as many territories as he wishes during the turn. If a player succeeds in killing all the men in an adjacent enemy territory, he then moves his own men from the attacking territory to the conquered territory. At the end of person's turn, he is allowed one "final move" in which he may move one set of men between two adjacent territories. Once all of a player's men have been killed, he is out of the game. The last person standing wins.


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