Afterburner is a system hack that allows overclocking older Palm chipsets such as the Motorola Dragonball, used in devices ranging from PalmPilot Pro to Palm m500 models. Requires HackMaster or similar manager to run.

No HotSync? No problem! ChangeName allows setting a custom HotSync and User ID directly on your Palm OS device. It can also be used to set fake ROM IDs and OS versions to circumvent app compatibility checks in some scenarios.

A Windows command-line application also exists to change the name of an existing ...

HackMe is a small system utility that allows setting a unique HotSync ID for each app on your device. Unlike similar apps, it does not require a hack manager like HackMaster to work, even on older versions of Palm OS! Just select an app, choose a HotSync ID, and save!

A ...

HackMaster is a tool for managing extensions to Palm OS known as system hacks. It does not do anything by itself, but rather provides a protocol for separate apps to modify Palm OS behaviors.

Warning: some hacks have the potential to physically damage your device! Use at your own ...

MiddleCaps is a system hack that allows defining a particular region of the Graffiti area to interpret input as capitals. This region can be customized and even inverted so that capitals are input by default, while the user-defined area is interpreted as lowercase instead. MiddleCaps requires

Assign a unique HotSync ID for each app on your device. A must-have for registering shareware!

Note that the standalone MultiUserHack app only works on Palm OS 5. For older versions, MultiUserHack.prc (not MultiUserHack5.prc) may be used through