A utilitarian little program to find the beats-per-minute of a song, your pulse, or whatever. Just start tapping and the program will quickly zoom into the average.

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author!

Full-featured music production app. Palm OS 5 device with audio output required.

Works great on hi-resolution and 480×320 devices!

BLFortunePatcher.prc will patch the copy of BL in internal memory to replace the movie quotes with Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. If you are running the ...

McChords will display the notes of sixty chords and forty-eight scales. It also has a four octave (six if your device has a collapsible graffiti area) playable piano with pitch pipe capability. The key and chord are selectable via onscreen buttons. There is an option to play the notes of a chord or scale as well as ...

An official port of RealOne Player (RealPlayer) for Palm OS, featuring support for MP3 audio playback and custom playlists stored on the SD card.

MP3 files must be placed on the root directory of the SD card to be detected by RealOne Player.

miniMusic is a suite of music production apps for Palm OS, both for built-in MIDI sounds and for controlling external MIDI devices.

The full suite includes:

  • AxisPad
  • BeatPad
  • BugBand
  • EarTrain
  • MixPad
  • NotePad
  • SoundPad

All ...