DioPlayer for Palm OS is a FREE player for MP3 and WAV files, with an attractive and convenient user interface. Great basic alternative to Real Player, AeroPlayer, Pocket Tunes or MMPlayer.

In addition to the basic media player controls, DioPlayer includes a graphic equalizer, playlists, skins support, and background play. See a list of features below.

Note: MP3 support is incompatible with Palm TX (or devices that have WiFi). MP3 support will fail if WiFi is disabled, enabled, or connected at any time since the last reboot. In addition, the device will reset if WiFi is connected while DioPlayer is playing.

Install Note: Download the ZIP file and install both the library file (DioLib.prc, must be in RAM) and the main program (DioPlayer.prc, may reside either in RAM or on your SD Card).

This product is provided FREE on an AS-IS basis. Support is not available from the manufacturer.


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