PalmPak Games Card (MMC Image)

The PalmPak Games Card ('GamePak') was a 2MB read only MMC card containing 8 games that you could instantly play simply directly from the card!

The games are: - 9-Ball - Bubblet - Chroma - Klondike - PxBlackjack - SimCity - Vegas Slots - Zap!2016

To install, simply copy the zip's contents directly to an SD or MMC card while keeping the original file structure.

Note: A bug occurred preventing Klondlike and Vegas slots from working correctly on some devices. For those devices, you may need to install and run the PalmPakFix.prc available in the downloads section below.


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1.0 PalmPak_Games_Card_archive.zip852K
1.0 PalmPak_Games_Card_(A56376).img
PalmPak Bug Fix PalmPakFix.prc12K

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