This software package combines 1,000 freeware and shareware programs in one comprehensive collection. Choose from 30 program categories, play more than 175 games, read 50 classic novels, and evaluate shareware programs. Data Becker's 1,000 Essential Programs includes applications designed to expand and enhance your ...

3XCom (short for 3X Commander) is a free file manager by 3GX Software with support for multiple tabs and split windows. Its simple design and small filesize make it ideal for older devices, while also taking advantage of high-res screens with its customizable interface.

A conversion of a goofy little puzzle game for Palm OS. Click on a shape, click on another square, and it will follow a winding path there if it can. Line up 5 or more of the same type of shape to make them disappear!

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author.

Generic Palm USB device drivers for Windows 7/8/10 by Aceeca. These drivers are 32-bit and 64-bit compatible.

Allows HotSync over USB with Palm Desktop.

Adobe Reader for Palm OS. Includes both the Palm client and a Windows client for converting and transferring PDFs to a Palm device.

Afterburner is a system hack that allows overclocking older Palm chipsets such as the Motorola Dragonball, used in devices ranging from PalmPilot Pro to Palm m500 models. Requires HackMaster or similar manager to run.

Agendus Mail is a POP/IMAP email and SMS client with support for updating mail over HotSync or live via the web. It supports a variety of folder options to keep your messages organized as well as the ability to export messages to memos.

Agendus Pro is an advanced calendar and time management application with many modern features such as embedded images and SMS support on compatible devices. It is also a capable replacement for other stock Palm apps, with support for address books, memos, to-do lists, email, and more.

AppForge Booster (later called AppForge CrossfireClient) is required for running apps created using AppForge MobileVB (later called AppForge Crossfire).

You should only install this if directed to by an app, which should tell you the version it requires.

Included are versions for both OS3/4 and ...

Turn all the squares on the board to gold by matching colored symbols in this classic puzzle game from Astraware.

This package includes both a generic Palm OS 5-compatible version of the game and a special version enhanced for Sony devices. Users may also wish to install optional music tracks for both ...