An open-source clone of 2048 by nizovn for Palm OS

A conversion of a goofy little puzzle game for Palm OS. Click on a shape, click on another square, and it will follow a winding path there if it can. Line up 5 or more of the same type of shape to make them disappear!

PocketC source code available courtesy of the author.

Turn all the squares on the board to gold by matching colored symbols in this classic puzzle game from Astraware.

This package includes both a generic Palm OS 5-compatible version of the game and a special version enhanced for Sony devices. Users may also wish to install optional music tracks for both ...

The puzzle game that started it all! Swap gems to make matching shapes and colors and rack up points, but be careful! The game ends when no more matches are left!

The classic gem-swapping action returns! Bejeweled 2 builds on the original puzzle game with the addition of new modes, powerups, visual effects, and a killer soundtrack.

Race against the clock by tapping groups of matching coins to clear the board before it’s too late, but be careful! Clearing the wrong groups may result in unmatchable coins!

Match letters to form words in this addicting twist on the classic word search puzzle genre. Each letter awards points according to a Scrabble-like ranking system, with bonus tiles and words to really rack up your score! But be careful: flaming tiles may drop as well, and if they reach the bottom, it’s game ...

The train has already departed, and it’s your job to assemble the tracks! Rotate track tiles to create a path to the destination while collecting candies along the way!

Sokoban meets the Legend of Zelda in this top-down puzzle adventure from Astraware! Play as Ix, a young boy who is kidnapped and placed in a zoo by an alien species known as the Mazerians... until one day, a mysterious fruit grows in his cage, granting him the power to escape. Can you guide Ix out of the ...

Rocket Mania is a classic puzzle game which places you in charge of a fireworks festival. Rotate tiles to connect fuses and collect bonuses on your way to launching as many fireworks as you can before dawn! If you can’t please the crowd in time, it’s game over!