BS Calc is a Business Scientific Calculator in the style of the built-in Palm calculator, but with many additional functions for advanced operations.

Requires MathLib to work properly!

CyCalc is a shape, volume, and force calculator. Uses the imperial system exclusively.

Easy Calc is a complex calculator with the ability to graph, do scientific functions, and much more. It can also do binary and hex operations.

A powerful scientific calculator with function solver, graphing, and fixed width integer support.

FnC Converter is a simple application to convert degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa.

Palm Converter is a unit conversion utility supporting values of area, length, mass, temperature, and volume.

A simple resistor value calculator, Just input the colors and you have your resistor's resistance.

lets you emulate the hp 48sx 48gx and 49g calculators

PyCalc is a simple Pythagorean Theorem calculator for Palm OS! It can solve for the hypotenuse and legs of a triangle. You can also choose how far it rounds the result. If you like Palm OS and the Pythagorean Theorem, you’ll love PyCalc!

RPN PopUp Calculator is a HackMaster extension that pops up a RPN (reverse Polish notation) calculator over the active application. It is activated with a simple (user-defined) pen stroke. When you are finished with the calculation, you are back to ...