AsciiChart is a simple character set and font display utility for Palm OS devices. Use AsciiChart to view the characters available in each of the Palm OS built-in fonts or as a reference for the ASCII character set.

CCrypt is a simple encryption program for a Palm OS device. It can accept text content and a password and encrypt/decrypt the contents, which can then be copied to any other application for safekeeping.

ChemTable is a periodic table reference for Palm OS. Supports both color and grayscale displays!

Open 2sky is a full-featured planetarium application for Palm OS, released as open source by Kevin S. Polk in 2010.

Some of its features include:

  • Star catalogs up to magnitude 11 (and smaller catalogs for devices with limited ...

Print from your PalmOS handheld! PalmPrint prints via infrared, Bluetooth, and serial to a wide variety of desktop, portable, and receipt printers from dozens of PalmOS applications.

Simple meditation timer with easy setup options and chimes or vibrate functions to mark the time.

PrintBoy allows you to print your business-critical information precisely when and where you need it. Print to your local area network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or send an important report to your office printer via your modem/smart phone or just print ...

Printing software for Adress, Adobe Reader, Date Book, Memo Pad, To Do List, and documents to go. Tested on Palm T3 and versions of applications that come stock with it and Adobe Reader, does not work with Documents to go V11, PrintMe is accessible in ...