1000 Essential Programs for the Palm OS

This software package combines 1,000 freeware and shareware programs in one comprehensive collection. Choose from 30 program categories, play more than 175 games, read 50 classic novels, and evaluate shareware programs. Data Becker's 1,000 Essential Programs includes applications designed to expand and enhance your handheld's performance. Imbedded Web links simplify updating and upgrading. Ideal for beginners and experts alike, this unique collection supports most Palm PDAs and is compatible with selected IBM, Visor, Sony, and TRGpro devices.

Customize your PDA with calculators, financial managers, and programmable databases. Sync your Palm or compatible PDA with office, home, school, and other locations. Add security and backup programs that maintain privacy and prevent loss. Evaluate shareware programs before buying, and, once you decide to buy, imbedded Web links make registration easy. And, there's plenty of entertainment. Test your trivia quotient, choose from 50 classic novels, play more than 175 games, and more. A special edition of ToDo PLUS from Hands High is also added. The versatile task list program gets you thoroughly organized and is simple to use.

Data Becker's 1,000 Essential Programs for the Palm OS supports m100, m105, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm V, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIx, Palm III, IBM WorkPad, Handspring Visor, Sony Clié, and TRGpro devices. A small number of programs included work only with selected Palm models.


No global registration information available--registration will vary per-application. Try searching for each app in the Codez4Palm database.

Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


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