Tungsten C Software Update

The Palm Tungsten C was an early OS 5 device, and as such received two fairly major updates throughout its lifetime. It is not necessary to install both, as all updates in the first (update 2) are included in the second (update 3).

Together, they address the following issues and improvements:

  • Prevents possible deletion of MAC addresses while ensuring reliable network configurations using MAC address filtering.
  • Web Browser caching and refresh updates.
  • HotSpot compatibility updates to allow connectivity to the top HotSpot providers.
  • VPN User Interface updates to ensure seamless connectivity while VPN is enabled.
  • Versamail updates specific to Auto Get Mail and the included VPN client.
  • Updates to reduce audio popping and clicking sounds emitted from the built in speaker.
  • Improved network connectivity for filtered networks.
  • Enable the blinking of the device LED on Wi-Fi network activity.
  • Prevents Wi-Fi disconnects due to invalid DHCP renewal requests and premature Wi-Fi connection timeout
  • Corrects roaming issues between multiple access points on the same subnet in campus environments
  • Enhances power sequence, MMC card driver, and digitizer behavior

The update installer is quite large (10MB) and requires an additional 10MB of free space during installation. When complete, the installer can be deleted to restore some space.


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3.0-en TCUpdate3_enUS.zip4.2M
2.0-en TCUpdate2_enUS.zip4.2M
3.0-win TCUpdate3_intl.zip5.5M
3.0-mac TCUpdate3_intl.sit5.0M

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