Treo 755p Software Update

The Palm Treo 755p was released on a variety of carriers, but Sprint and Verizon users received a special bonus in the form of system software updates to fix bugs, improve Bluetooth performance, and add compatibility with then-modern desktop software (e.g. Outlook 2007).

These updates require a clean formatted SD card or compatible Windows edition with Palm Desktop, and will format the internal system memory as well. Make sure to backup all data before performing the update! Updates are expected to take approx. 45 minutes to complete.

Warning: Flashing firmware may brick your device! Do not install updates from a different carrier!


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Sprint-SD Treo755p_1_07_SPNT_SDupdater.zip18M
Sprint-Win Treo755p_1_07_SPNT_desktopupdater.zip19M