300 Bowl

A bowling alley in the palm of your hand! It's fully animated, highly polished fun for the whole family! Throw the ball straight or with a curve using a natural motion of your finger or pen.

Now in 3D! 300 Bowl is the only true bowling simulation with a realistic view of the bowling alley. Use your finger to toss the ball down the lane. Give it a curve or toss it straight and true, its all up to you. With unparalleled sound and graphics, you feel as though you are in your own personal lane. 300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots. The sound effects in the game add to 300 Bowls realistic feel, with the sounds of a ball rolling and pins being smashed and scattered. Play alone, against a computerized opponent or play a friend in two player mode, handing the phone off between turns. View the full scorecard during a game or at the end of a game by tapping on the score display.

Available in the following flavors:

  • 4 shades of grey (101 KB)
  • 16 shades of grey (146 KB)
  • 256 color (196 KB)
  • 16-bit color (266 KB)
  • HiRes 16-bit color (850kb)

Features: - Digital sound for OS5 - HiRes graphics for OS5 - Auto save/resume - 8 levels of "Throw Difficulty" - Computer opponent with 8 levels of difficulty - High Scores - Adjustable volume - Adjustable lane oil length - Adjustable animation speed

Version 1.0p (6/25/02) -- Minor memory optimizations

For maximum enjoyment, be sure to try all of our games! 300 Bowl, Pinballz, Pinballz2, Dartz, HexCon, and EasterEggs 2002

By Jason Goldman 2002


No registration information available.

Use the 'patched' versions which do not require registration. However, these are only available for the low-res devices versions.


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1.0p 300Bowl_1.0p.zip876K
1.0n patched 300_Bowl_1.0n_patched.zip208K
1.0k patched 300Bowl_1.0k_patched.prc268K
1.0g 300Bowl_1.0g.zip356K

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