ChromaGames by Astraware

Chess, Checkers and Backgammon - Published by Whitehorse Games 2002

ChromaGames v1.4 Added OS5-compatible high resolution for Tungsten and newer Clie models. On older Clies, runs in low resolution mode.

ChromaGames v1.34 Fixed bugs which caused certain Clie and OS5 models to freeze.

ChromaGames v1.33 Fixed incompatibilities with certain Clie models.

ChromaGames v1.33 Now runs on Handspring Treo.

ChromaGames v1.3.2 Now compatible with PalmOS 5. Fixed tendency for computer to roll doubles in gammon. Added explanation for how to restart a finished game. Simplified explanation of purchase/unlock process.

ChromaGames v1.3.1 Added official rules PDF by popular demand.

ChromaGames v1.3 Now runs in 16-bit color on Handspring Prism.

ChromaGames v1.2 Compatible with OS3.0 through 4.0, including all devices from Palm III through m505. Added 16-bit color. Simplified user interface for starting a new game.

ChromaGames v1.1 Added full color displays, compatibility with PalmOS 3.0 through 3.5.

ChromaGames v1.0 Grayscale Checkers, Chess and Backgammon.


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1.0 Chromagames_1.0.zip60K
1.1 Chromagames_1.1.zip68K
1.3.4 Chroma_Games_1.34.zip224K
1.3.4 patched ChromaGames_1.34.patched.prc260K
1.4 Chromagames_1.4.zip556K
1.4.3 Chromagames_1.43.zip476K
1.7 Chroma_Games_1.7.zip272K
Rules Official_Rules.pdf100K

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