Crimson Fields

Palm OS port of the outstanding round-based strategy game Crimson Fields.

Crimson Fields is a tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle. The outcome of the war lies in your hands. You decide which units are sent to the front lines, and when to unleash the reserves. Your mission objectives range from defending strategically vital locations to simply destroying all enemy forces in the area. Protect supply convoys or raid enemy facilities to uncover technological secrets or fill your storage bays so you can repair damaged units or build new ones in your own factories. Lead your troops to victory!

Ported to Palm OS by MetaViewSoft


Download the file and open the archiv. Copy the file Crimson.prc into /Palm/Launcher on your memory card or install it on your device. Copy the folder Crimson to /Palm/Programs/ on your memory card in a way that you have (for instance) the file /Palm/Programs/Crimson/cf.dat. Please use an external card reader for it (costs around 10US-$).

You can also play the original Battle Isle maps if you have a copy of the game.


Use it on your own risk. Applications can include bugs and errors and could even let your device crash. If you like you can email me about feature requests or bug reports.


Version 0.61 based on 0.5.1
supports different resolutions
needs Palm OS 5.x (an ARM processor) and around 4MB free dynamic memory
can use History Line and Battle Isle levels after conversion

Latest Update:

you can use left/right mouse button together with tap/long tap
added "next unit" into context menu
Campaigns possible


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1.0 Crimson.zip684K

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