Microbe Music Studio

Microbe is an all-in-one electronic music studio for PalmOS© Handhelds.

It takes advantage of the computing power of the ARM-powered devices and of the advanced sound manipulation features offered by the OS 5.0 to generate live, cool, synthetic, or sampled sounds. You are a DJ and want a tool to generate fill-ins, drum patterns, cool synth sounds, or sampled jingles? Do you like composing music while commuting? Do you think that the end of laptop music is coming soon - an omen to a new era of palmtop musicians? The Microbe is made for you. Enjoy!

See the MANUAL for more!


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myhmykkriirhomljpy (18 letters, all lowercase)

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Microbe runs on any ARM-powered device running PalmOS© 5.0, and supporting the standard PalmSource Sound APIs. It has been especially tested (and developed) on the Tungsten T Series. High resolution is not required, however, Microbe will look hotter and better on a hi-res screen. The support for Sony Cliés handheld is done through the installation of a hack emulating PalmOS© 5.0 Sound API.

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