L.E.M. Lunar Lander Simulator

L.E.M. Lunar Lander Simulator By Mohammed Bennouf

From the manual:

Welcome to the LEM Simulator, the most advanced lunar lander simulator for Palm/Treo devices!
Lunar Excursion Module or LEM for short was the name of the lander used by Apollo astronauts to land on the Moon nearly 40 years ago! Unlike past versions of lunar lander game, this is NOT an arcade game. Extensive research has been employed to provide you with the most realistic simulation of a moon landing on a PDA. As with other sophisticated flight simulators the challenge will be in perfecting your skill. Remember, astronauts didn’t learn to land on the moon in a day and neither can you.

Youtube Video of LEM Lander

Lunar Lander Simulator (LEM Simulator) is the most advanced lunar flight simulator game available on Palm/Treo/Zodiac devices. It realistically simulates the Apollo moon landing. During the descent to the moon, you may also have to cope with system malfunctions while you are busy flying the LEM! You will use the same instruments that Neil Armstrong used during his landing at Tranquility base! The lander is fully controlled in pitch and roll using your Palm 5-ways game pad. During the flight, a voice from Houston will announce your altitude, speed and fuel remaining. Watch that fuel gauge or NASA may as well name a new crater after you!


  • Self running demo. Learn how to land successfully the EASY way
  • Zodiac Tapwave 1 and 2 compatible! (NEW)
  • Low resolution screen (160x160) support (like the TREO 600!!)
  • Cockpit view. See a moving Moon surface and the stars
  • Game auto-save
  • In addition to the Moon, you now can now land on: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Choose your own initial conditions like starting altitude or fuel level (MyFlight)
  • Enabled/disabled lander failures new!
  • Realistic physics modeling of the descent engine and thrusters
  • Actual Apollo LEM instruments rendering such as the X-pointer, altitude tape and artificial horizon
  • Houston voice announcements: Hear NASA announcing your altitude, rate of descent and fuel level during the landing!
  • Realistic sound effects during flight
  • Uses the 5-ways game pad to control the lander thrusters
  • Lander sub-systems may fail at any time during your descent. Are you ready for a fuel leak or a stuck thruster? Found out!
  • Three game levels : Rookie, Pilot and Commander
  • Two missions to choose from customize your own mission.
  • Landing score takes into account landing accuracy, touchdown velocities, fuel remaining among other things
  • Flight plan available during descent
  • 30 pages user’s guide
  • Will run from SD card to save memory on device

What's New in This Release:

  • added “full screen 480x320” for T3,T5,TX, LifeDrive and Zodiac: LunarSim21.prc is for Palm/Treo devices 320x320 and 160x160. LunarSim21LS.prc is for for Palm/Zodiac 480x320 landscape mode


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v2.1LS Lunar_Lander_Simulator_V2.1LS.zip
v1.0 LEMLunarSim.zip1.2M
v2.1 LunarSim21.zip2.1M

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