Palm Linux

Palm Linux is an experimental distribution of Linux for certain models of Palm devices, including the Tungsten T, T5, T3, Palm TX, and LifeDrive. It supports the GPE and OPIE interfaces on most devices.

This is NOT a ROM replacement, and installation will only persist until the Palm device is reset (changes to Linux will be saved). All non-NVFS devices will be hard reset, and if a NVFS device crashes it will also be hard reset. Make a backup before using!

An SD card is required, unless you have a LifeDrive.

Be sure to get the right version of Linux for your device, and read the READMEs! If you do not use the right version or read the README, you may brick your device!


TX tx.zip156M
LifeDrive ld.zip67M
T5 t5.zip106M
T3 t3.zip59M
Tungsten T tt.zip19M
Zire 71 z71.zip19M
Multiple versions (0.8.4) PalmLinux.zip322M

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