Cybersaurus is a fully 3D mech combat game in the vein of Mech Warrior. Conquer a variety of terrains while completing mission objectives and defeating a variety of both land and air-borne enemies!

High-end devices only! Official system requirements list a minimum 200 MHz processor, but this will result in very low framerates. Use a 400 MHz-capable device for the best experience. This includes devices like the Palm TX which require WarpSpeed to reach maximum safe clocks.


Generate a key for your own HotSync ID using the Cybersaurus Key Generator (tm_cybersaurus.prc in the downloads)

Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


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1.0-full Cybersaurus.zip2.9M
1.1-trial CBS_1.1_Palm_trial.zip2.8M
1.0-trial CBS_1.0_Palm_trial.zip2.4M
Key Generator tm_cybersaurus.prc56K

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