Overclock your Palm OS 5 device at the touch of a button! WarpSpeed allows both system-wide and per-application changes to memory and CPU speed, gaining either performance or battery life–the choice is yours! On some devices, it can even eliminate screen whine!

WARNING: Overclocking can damage your hardware. Increase clock speeds in small steps and test for stability to find your device’s limits. No two processors overclock equally. If your device crashes or shuts down, don’t panic! Give it time to cool off and recharge the battery (it might’ve been drained!) and then power on again. Use at your own risk!


WarpSpeed uses a hardware-based User ID for registration, therefore serial numbers must be generated uniquely for each user. Use the WarpSpeed Key Generator to create a registration code for your Palm device.


Use the developer’s official key generator online, here. PalmDB appreciates their generosity!


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