Convert your handheld into a full-featured MIDI player! Using your serial cradle or clip and a Serial to MIDI cable or adapter as an interface, this can play up to 16 simultaneous instruments on your electronic keyboard or synthesizer. It is a Standard MIDI File (SMF) player.

This tool has the capability to:

  • Use any size MIDI (Type 0 and Type 1) file obtained from your PC during HotSync
  • Beam MIDI files and play lists
  • Organize your MIDI files into play lists
  • Loop on particular segments of a song
  • Loop on one or all songs
  • Play one song and cue the next with one touch
  • Add text notes to individual songs for instructions or reminders
  • Adjust the tempo and pitch of playback of any song
  • Set the volume of each of sixteen MIDI channels
  • Display and change the instruments used
  • Tune your synthesizer


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Desktop application may not work with Palm Desktop 6.x. Use Palm Desktop 4.x for best compatibility.


EXE ittyMidi-Installer.zip5.1M

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