Elite for PalmOS

A PalmOS port of Elite by Till Harbaum. Based on Elite: The New Kind.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to be a trader, whether you want to earn money by asteroid mining or to hunt pirates. Or all at once. Enter your Cobra Mk3 docked at the Coriolis Space Station high above the planet Lave. Fire up your hyperspace engine and face the adventure.


  • Over 2000 planets, dozens of ships, hours of fun
  • Runs on most Palm computing devices
  • Smooth filled polygon graphics
  • Color and grayscale support
  • Rumble and force feedback on M5XX
  • Support for the PalmGamePad
  • Support for Sony jog dial
  • Multi-channel title music on Sony Clie

Runs on 68k Palm devices OS 3.3 and up. Grayscale and Color! Source code included!


None needed.


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1.0 Elite.prc104K
PDF Elite_Manual.pdf408K
readme readme.txt4.0K
faq FAQ.txt8.0K
source code src.zip180K

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