PocketC Compiler

The PocketC compiler, documentation, and samples. PocketC is all you need to create and run applications directly on your Palm OS-based device, no computer required. Create your source code in memo pad or a Doc editor, compile it with PocketC, and run your application directly from the PocketC application. - Compiles source code from memo pad or doc files - Quickly jump to compile errors (using memo pad, Qed, pedit, CryptoPad) - Backup the compiled application to your desktop, and distribute

Posted to PalmDB for archival purposes. Original link still working as of 8/23/2022 @ http://www.orbworks.com/PocketC.zip


PocketC is trialware which means that you are free to use it for 45 days, after which the compile feature will be disabled. However, you will still be able to execute previously compiled applets indefinitely. Registered users should download this version and install over the previous version. Registration status will be maintained.

Cracked version is now available below.


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7.1.4 PocketC.zip240K
7.1.4 PocketC.cracked.prc140K

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