Quartus RsrcEdit is a Palm resource editor that runs on the Palm and allows users to view and change application resources using a forms-based editing environment tailored for specific resource types, as well as providing an integrated disassembler and hex-editor for Palm OS® applications and databases.

Quartus RsrcEdit provides templates for editing:

  • Form (tFRM)
  • Menu (MBAR)
  • Alert (Talt)
  • String (tSTR)
  • Icon (tAIB)
  • Application Name (tAIN)
  • Version string (tver)
  • Bitmap (Tbmp) resources.

Other resources can be edited within the provided hex-editor.

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1.017b RsrcEdit.prc124K
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1.017b Customizing_Palm_Resources_with_RsrcEdit.pdf244K

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