Written by Joseph H. Stadolnik III, PToolBoxLibis a native library for PocketC containing an amazing number of routines for graphics, user interface, and miscellaneous system routines.


  • User Interface - dynamic forms, dialogs, and form objects. Access to static form resources. Many specialty functions, such as text wrapping and multi-line editing, custom fonts.
  • Graphics - color and grayscale graphics, buffering, resource bitmap access, rectangle copy, polygons, intersection testing, bitmap collision detection, floodfill, plotting, scrolling.
  • OS access - low level IR, fast record sorting and searching, GetURL, tone generation, backlight control, versions, battery info, preferences


The original HTML documentation and an iSilo conversion for version 7.6.1 is included in the .zip.


The zip file contains various versions from 7.1.0 to 7.6.2beta3 as well as Documentation for version 7.6.1, which may have been the last stable release. Sample code is included as well.

v7.10 October 6th 2001 v7.3.6 April 28th 2002 v7.4.1 July 4th 2002 v7.4.2 July 20th 2002 v7.4.4 August 20th 2002 v7.5.0 November 21st 2002 v7.5.1 December 19th 2002 v7.5.3 January 15th 2003 v7.6.1 June 29th 2003 v7.6.2beta3 October 29th 2003


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