SkinUI is a free system modification for skinning the Palm OS user interface and adding optional effects such as fade or slide animations to panels and tooltips.

The base package includes only SkinUI itself. Additional themes can be installed from the file below.

Resco IDGuard is a secure suite for storing your personal information--passwords, PINs, credit cards etc. Information is encrypted using industrial standard AES and is quickly accessible on your PDA.

Secure documents can be stored in any format. IDGuard decrypts them on the fly, opens the related document ...

When you start the game, you will see a row of planters. Tap a planter which is next to empty space. The tapped planter moves and the flower grows or blooms in one step. However, you can not move the same planter continuously. When two flowers bloom in one planter, it will be in full bloom. The goal of the game is ...

Farenhight to celcus converter and the other way around

Turn your Palm OS 5+ device into an external SD card reader for your PC! Card Reader mounts external storage over USB, making it possible to read and write files directly to your Palm without HotSync or extra adapters. Also compatible with PowerSDHC for cards over 2GB!

Generate serial codes for Resco apps, such as Resco Explorer, based on your personal HotSync ID.

The Windows version generates codes for more apps than the Palm OS version. However, note that the "close" button overlaps with the left side of the pulldown menu, and may be ...


AppForge Booster (later called AppForge CrossfireClient) is required for running apps created using AppForge MobileVB (later called AppForge Crossfire).

You should only install this if directed to by an app, which should tell you the version it requires.

Included are versions for both OS3/4 and ...

Manage an entire city in the palm of your hand! SimCity Classic brings the wildly popular original game to Palm OS. Create your own custom scenarios with three levels of difficulty and start building!

The classic gem-swapping action returns! Bejeweled 2 builds on the original puzzle game with the addition of new modes, powerups, visual effects, and a killer soundtrack.