Calculate the size of shapes wherever you go! Shape Calculator lets you find the circumference, radius, diameter, and area of a circle. Additionally, it lets you find the area and perimeter of a triangle. If you do a lot of math, you’ll certainly appreciate our Shape Calculator for Palm OS! Compatibility: Works ...

The ultimate Pool experience on Palm! Pool Deluxe by Deluxeware features polished graphics, realistic physics, and a variety of play modes against both human and computer opponents.

With devices spanning from the early 1990s to late 2000s, Palm used many different screen technologies. While the earliest models used simple black-and-white LCDs, this palette soon expanded to multiple shades of gray, then 8-bit color, then 16-bit and beyond. As a result, many applications became locked to a ...

No HotSync? No problem! ChangeName allows setting a custom HotSync and User ID directly on your Palm OS device. It can also be used to set fake ROM IDs and OS versions to circumvent app compatibility checks in some scenarios.

A Windows command-line application also exists to change the name of an existing ...

Fly the Starship Enterprise from the comfort of your handheld. Don’t let the core explode.

The original ReadMe:

Starship OS2.0 or greater is required

You have a tricorder. You have a phaser. Now command your own starship!

After enjoying Jeff Jetton's Tricorder and George Loo's Phaser ...

Fly through a cave and try not to hit obstacles. There are different levels of difficulty to keep the game interesting.

This application fixes the bug on the T5, TX and LifeDrive that the left-handed preference is lost after a soft reset. Turn the device off and on after a reset to make this application restore that preference for you.

It appears as an option in prefs.

A bullet hell game where your only objective is to survive countless waves of bullets. The further you get, the more difficult it gets. Use the stylus to dodge, but beware: A trail will be momentarily created when moving fast that can be hit.

Use the stylus to position triangles on a grid, the aim is to deflect a ball to the goal and collect coins on the way.

Released for free by SEGA Corporation Smilebit division at PalmSource Japan Forum 2002.

Benchmark is exactly what it says on the tin: a tool for measuring and comparing the performance of Palm OS devices. By combining results from native code and Palm OS API calls, it provides an accurate measurement across both 68K and ARM-based handhelds. Every Palm device is supported!