Timidity is a MIDI-to-wave library for Palm OS used by certain applications (such as source ports) for music playback that wouldn’t be possible with Palm devices’ built-in synthesizer.

Timidity requires an external SD card. To install, copy the included timidity.zip file to SD:\PALM\Programs\Timidity and sync TimInstall.prc to your device, then run the installer. A base installation will require approx. 20MB of free space on your SD card.

As Timidity itself is only a library, it relies on a set of external samples (also called “patches”) to produce sounds. A default set of patches is included in the base package, while two main alternatives exist below. The timidity-gus.zip package includes a set of virtual instruments designed to emulate the sound of Gravis Ultrasound audio devices, while the timidity-eaw.zip package by Eric A. Welsh includes the highest-quality samples available (at significant cost to storage space–nearly 40MB!).

To install either of these packages, simply extract the contents to SD:\PALM\Programs\Timidity and overwrite the existing timidity.cfg file. While all three sample sets can be installed simultaneously, only the package specified in timidity.cfg will be active. Inactive sets can be deleted from the SD card to save space.


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1.1 timidity.zip11M
all timidity-eaw.zip31M
all timidity-gus.zip15M

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