Doesn't work properly on OS5.

The closest i've got it to run on OS5 is using Screen Prefs to set the colour mode to 1 bit, but all characters are inverted.

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McColors is used to display all colors available on a Palm OS device. Can be used as a screen tester of sorts.

Palm DOSBox is a source port of the popular DOS x86 platform emulator for Palm OS 5 devices. This port exists in an alpha state with many features not implemented or fully working, but can still be used for basic tasks.

Devices with a keyboard ...

Meant for network techs, this utility displays the ANSI/TIA-568A/B termination scheme used for phone wiring and ethernet, as well as T568B-based "rollover" for serial use with networking equipment. Up and down hard keys or jog dial to page ...

Timidity is a MIDI-to-wave library for Palm OS used by certain applications (such as source ports) for music playback that wouldn’t be possible with Palm devices’ built-in synthesizer.

Timidity requires an external SD card. To install, copy ...


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