A source port of Doom for Palm OS originally by yoyofr92 and later enhanced by MetaViewSoft. Requires Timidity for music playback. May also require UDMH if not enough dynamic memory is free.

ZDoomZ requires an external SD card. To install, put the included zdoomz.zdk into SD:\PALM\Programs\ZDoomZ and sync zdoomz.prc to your device.

This package does not include actual game data! You must copy your own Doom .wad files into the ZDoomZ folder on your SD card.


  • Version 2.1
  • based on yoyofr's version 1.2
  • needs Palm OS 5.x (an ARM processor) and around 3MB of dynamic memory
  • adjustable button layout
  • Treo keyboard support
  • support for IR keyboards and BT gamepads
  • rumble support on Zodiac and Treo
  • multiplayer support over BT or TCP/IP (internet)

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2.1 zdoomz-2-1.zip264K
1.2 zdoomz-1-2.zip244K
1.2-src zdoomz-1-2-src.zip2.0M
1.7-src zdoomz_src.zip1.5M

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