Fly the Starship Enterprise from the comfort of your handheld. Don’t let the core explode.

The original ReadMe:

Starship OS2.0 or greater is required

You have a tricorder. You have a phaser. Now command your own ...

SilverScreen Launcher is yet another launcher for Palm handhelds, with a myriad of themes available and compatibility with most devices makes it one of the most versatile launchers for the platform.

Palm Linux is an experimental distribution of Linux for certain models of Palm devices, including the Tungsten T, T5, T3, Palm TX, and LifeDrive. It supports the GPE and

The first and best baseball/softball live scoring app for Palm OS. Supports pitch charting too. Fully supported and integrated with TurboStats for Windows.

Because some characters like ¼, ½, etc... can't be made either with the virtual keyboard or with Graffiti, this simple application allows for copying any ASCII character to the clipboard.

Early in the 21st century, mankind made an unbelievable discovery, one of enormous scientific and historical significance. Too bad it will lead to the Earth's destruction. Now there's only one hope, Sam "Serious" Stone. Serious Sam has only one chance. ...

C-Guys produced SDIO FM Radios for Palm OS.

Two versions were released, Radio and Radio2.

Tested on Palm Tungsten series, Radio2 requires OS 5, Radio1 should work on OS4. But note, each software is specific to the module version ...

Race against the clock by tapping groups of matching coins to clear the board before it’s too late, but be careful! Clearing the wrong groups may result in unmatchable coins!

A source port of Heretic for Palm OS by MetaViewSoft based on the work of yoyofr92. Requires Timidity for music playback. May also require UDMH if not enough dynamic memory is free.

ZHeretic ...