Pretty fun adventure RPG game with randomly generated mazes.

Supports color screens and key and touch controls. Does not run well on slow devices!

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Windows integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Palm OS apps. Write and test your BASIC program on the desktop, then download it to your device to run it.

Napalm Racing is a free 3D arcade racer for Palm OS featuring grayscale and color display support and an included track editor to create your very own courses!

This package also includes the “Rally” expansion track set.

Upgrade your Palm Pilot 1000 or 5000 from Palm OS 1.0 up to Palm OS 1.0.7.

To determine your current OS version, navigate to Applications > Menu > "Info" > "Version". If less than 1.0.7, install the update PRC below.

HackMe is a small system utility that allows setting a unique HotSync ID for each app on your device. Unlike similar apps, it does not require a hack manager like HackMaster to work, even on older versions of Palm OS! Just select an app, choose a HotSync ID, and save!

A ...

Mankind’s Conquest is a strategy game with randomly-generated missions and real-time battle animations. Your objective is to conquer, colonize and destroy. But be prepared: colonization isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to build factories, defenses, and deal with the enemies at the same ...

The Palm OS Simulator is a Windows desktop application for testing and debugging Palm apps and environments. This page features pre-packaged builds for simulating all ARM versions of Palm OS, including the unreleased Palm OS 6.1 “Cobalt” (which was ultimately cancelled and replaced by WebOS). Additional builds ...

Benchmark is exactly what it says on the tin: a tool for measuring and comparing the performance of Palm OS devices. By combining results from native code and Palm OS API calls, it provides an accurate measurement across both 68K and ARM-based handhelds. Every Palm device is supported!

Void is a remake of the classic Elite sci-fi space exploration simulator. Pilot your own spacecraft and journey across the galaxy to conduct trade and survive combat!

Periodic Table for PalmOS

Color is supported!

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