Convert one of your hardware buttons into a fully functioning power button.

Train Graffiti with Giraffe, the game that used to come preinstalled on the first versions of Palm OS

AppForge Booster (later called AppForge CrossfireClient) is required for running apps created using AppForge MobileVB (later called AppForge Crossfire).

You should only install this if directed to by an app, which should tell you the version it ...

Traveling? Worldmate puts your travel plans at your fingertips. Get world time, flight info, weather, and more all from your Palm handheld. Supports both hi-res and DIA devices.

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A test app to invert the LCD on grayscale devices. Especially useful in combination with indiglo backlighting, as some users may find the screen easier to read while inverted.

Uses hardware registers directly, does not work on color devices and ...

Napalm Racing is a free 3D arcade racer for Palm OS featuring grayscale and color display support and an included track editor to create your very own courses!

This package also includes the “Rally” expansion track set.

Detect someone's sexual orientation with the tap of a button in the Palm of your hand.

StellaPalm is an astronomical app for realistic display of star maps on Palm. It is a beta version.

The purpose is to reproduce the starry sky on Palm as precisely as possible (not the constellations). In addition, in OS 3.1, ...

Open 2sky is a full-featured planetarium application for Palm OS, released as open source by Kevin S. Polk in 2010.

Some of its features include:

  • Star catalogs up to magnitude 11 (and smaller catalogs for devices with limited ...