Ababall™ - Blast your way through 32 levels of arcade-style mayhem with this challenging, Palm OS game from iambic, Inc. A graphically enhanced, highly evolved game for the platform, AbaBall uses fluid 2-D and 3-D graphics, quick action, and exciting challenges to take you through level after level of colored blocks and increasing difficulty.

Move the paddle along the bottom of the screen with either the stylus or the date book and phone hard buttons of your device. You direct the outcome of the game and the levels you can reach by anticipating and directing the trajectory of the ball and learning how to utilize powerups and react to challenges as they occur. It's your cunning and agility against falling objects, walls of breakable and unbreakable blocks, regenerating groups of blocks, and more!

Palm GamePad: Ababall supports the Palm GamePad from WorldWide Widget Works and the Jog Dial of the Sony PEG n710C.

For Sony Clie users: the jog dial on the upper left corner of the device will function just as the up and down arrows. Pressing in the jog dial on the upper left corner of the device will function as the fire button.

Falling objects offer both helpful and hurtful challenges. Some objects extend the paddle and others make it smaller. Some increase the speed of the ball and others magnetize the paddle for more control of where you put the ball in play. Some give you additional lives and others are fatal. Different levels offer new challenges, including a paddle that can fire on obstacles, falling objects that create fireballs you can use to blast through anything, and multiple balls to destroy large sections of the wall at once.

Bring on the firepower in higher levels to obliterate regenerating blocks and destroy entire sections of walls by firing on them at the same time as trying to keep balls in play. Use the magnetic paddle and powerup modes to increase your score and move faster through the levels. And even overcome challenges like having your paddle controls reversed!

With its smooth operation and fluid graphics, Ababall is a standout Palm OS game specially designed for use on color devices and grayscale devices with Palm os 3.1 or higher. It offers both the opportunity to challenge yourself through 32 levels of block layouts or take on another player in a race to move on to the next level.

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