Palm Desktop

Install apps and sync calendars, contacts, email, memos, and tasks between your Palm device and desktop PC.

Windows 7/8/10 users will need to install Aceeca or Janam USB drivers to perform HotSync over USB. Serial and Bluetooth HotSync is also supported on compatible devices (no drivers required). See here for a complete guide on setting up HotSync with Windows 10.

If data is not syncing between Palm Desktop and legacy Palm OS devices, you must also download and run the legacy HotSync fix by PimlicoSoft below.


Mac-2.6.1 PalmDesktop-Mac-2.6.1.sit6.4M
Mac-2.6.3 PalmDesktop-Mac-2.6.3.sit8.7M
Mac-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Mac-4.1.0.sit12M
Mac-4.2.1d PalmDesktop-Mac-4.2.1d.dmg17M
Win-3.1.1 PalmDesktop-Win-3.1.1.zip11M
Win-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Win-4.1.0.zip9.3M
Win-Clie-4.1.0 PalmDesktop-Win-Clie-4.1.0.zip27M
Win-Janam-4.1-SP3 PalmDesktop-Win-Janam-4.1-SP3.zip15M
Win-6.2.2 PalmDesktop-Win-6.2.2.zip66M
Win-HSFix LegacyHSFix.zip12K