NoviiRemote turns your Palm into a TV remote! Program your own buttons and custom layouts and ditch that pile of TV remotes for good!

NoviiRemote Deluxe works on PalmOS 4.x or newer, including Palm Centro and Palm TX. Older devices should use NoviiRemote Classic instead.

Additionally, a collection of IR codes is included for known TV and media units. Files are included for both Classic and Deluxe versions. Use of these files is not required, but may serve as a shortcut for owners of specific devices or their more recent revisions.


NoviiRemote uses keyfile-based registration. Use the NoviiRemote Key Generator to create a keyfile for your HotSync ID.


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3.73-deluxe NoviiRemote_Deluxe_V3.73D_Build_20080411b_(CN).zip
3.70-deluxe NoviiRemoteDeluxe37.zip668K
3.60-deluxe NoviiRemote-3.6-deluxe.zip976K
3.00-deluxe NoviiRemote_Deluxe_3.0.zip668K
2.62-classic Novii_Remote_Classic_v2.62.zip1.9M
2.60-classic NoviiRemote-2.60.zip1.7M
2.51-classic NoviiRemote-2.51-BW.cracked.prc424K
2.50-classic NoviiRemote-2.5.zip3.3M
2.40-classic NR2_4_PalmFull.zip1.9M
1.21-classic NoviiRemote-1.21.zip540K
all Novii_IR_Codes.zip424K

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