Bike or Die!

Bike or Die! is a trial bike racing game for the Palm OS platform featuring physics simulations, advanced 3D terrain graphics, and expandable levels using the Bike or Design! level editor.

Each level requires the player to navigate a series of hazards and challenges in order to collect all checkpoint flags before reaching the finish line as fast as possible. Later versions of the game also introduced sticky and slippery surfaces, updrafts, and portals.

Over 2,000 user-created levels are available in addition to the base game. A complete archive of all level packs is included on this page, as well as a bonus robot biker skin. Level packs must be installed on an external SD card under SD:\Palm\Programs\BikeorDie\Levelpacks


Different versions of Bike or Die! require different serial codes to register.

HotSync ID:


1.x Serial:


2.x Serial:


Use HackMe to register without changing your primary HotSync ID.


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1.6b BikeOrDie-1.6b.zip424K
2.0 BikeOrDie-2.0.prc1.2M
2.0b BikeOrDie-2.0b.prc1.2M
2.0c BikeOrDie-2.0c.zip1.3M
2.0d BikeOrDie-2.0d.prc1.2M
2.1 BikeOrDie-2.1.prc1.2M
2.1a BikeOrDie-2.1a.prc848K
2.1b BikeOrDie-2.1b.prc1.3M
2.x robot-biker.prc12K
all BikeOrDie-Levelpacks.zip2.3M

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