LED head 1.3

LED head 1.3

LED Games Emulator

LEDhead is a program that simulates the classic electronic LED (light emitting diode) based handheld games of the 70's. Now you can relive the excitement of your childhood years all over again! All games feature fully authentic sound-effects, and faithfully replicate the game play of the originals.

Rather than using proprietary code or "ROM images", as is the case with emulators, LEDhead uses simple but extremely clever imitation to ensure excruciating faithfulness to the games you grew up with. Endless hours of painstaking effort have gone into ensuring the accuracy of each of these games.

Why simulate these 20+ year old games that had, at best, only the crudest of graphics and sounds? Without an effort to preserve these memorable games, most or all of them would eventually fade into obscurity. Many already have. It is my endeavor to ensure these games are remembered into the future as the culturally significant icons I believe they represent.

Visit The Handheld Museum www.handheldmuseum.com for complete original manuals in PDF format available for download.


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