Dynamic Input Area (DIA) skin, made to be used together with Gant skin for SkinUI

Has two versions of keyboard text color (see readmes)

Works only on T3.

Also has versions for AgendaBG skin ...

Chess, Checkers and Backgammon - Published by Whitehorse Games 2002

ChromaGames v1.4 Added OS5-compatible high resolution for Tungsten and newer Clie models. On older Clies, runs in low resolution ...

Disc image for the driver for the Palm Bluetooth SDIO card. Networking, HotSync, and mobile phone communications are all possible over Bluetooth for compatible handhelds.

Galax is a popular clone of the classic arcade game Galaxian remade for Palm OS.

Note that Galax supports both grayscale and color displays, but not high-resolution ones.

FreeJongg is a freeware clone of the classic Mahjongg tiles matching game for grayscale Palm OS devices. Can you find all the matches and clear the board?

MiddleCaps is a system hack that allows defining a particular region of the Graffiti area to interpret input as capitals. This region can be customized and even inverted so that capitals are input by default, while the user-defined area is interpreted ...

From Crimson Fire's website:

Welded Warriors is a game of robot gladiator combat. You will need to visit many different planets and compete in fierce tournaments in order to keep your robots in shape. Buy shiny new upgrades at the shop, or ...

Generates serial keys for CorePlayer based on the current HotSync ID.

Fortune is a FREE program which delivers a fresh fortune cookie to you each morning. No calories. No fat. No cholesterol.

You'll be surprised at the wisdom of the cookie!

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